Selected Publications

Journal Articles:

Terriquez, Veronica. Forthcoming. “Legal Status, Civic Associations, and the Political Participation of Latino Youth.” Sociological Quarterly.

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2015. “Intersectional Mobilization, Social Movement Spillover, and Queer Youth Leadership in the Immigrant Rights Movement.”  Social Problems.

2015. “Training Young Activists: Grassroots Organizing and Youths’ Civic and Political Trajectories.” Sociological Perspectives.

2014. “Intergenerational Family Relations, Civic Organizations, and the Political Socialization of Second Generation Immigrant Youth.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. Co-authored with H. Kwon (student).

2014. “Trapped in the Working Class?: Prospects for the Intergenerational (Im) mobility of Latino Youth.” Sociological Inquiry.

Gonzales, Roberto, Veronica Terriquez, Stephen Ruszczyk. 2014. “Becoming DACAmented: Assessing Short-term Benefits of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).”  American Behavioral Scientist.  58(14): 1852-1872.

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Terriquez, Veronica and Vanessa Carter. 2013. “Celebrating the legacy, embracing the future: How research can help build ties between historically African American Churches and their Latino immigrant neighbours.” Community Development. 44 (February): 68-82.

Terriquez, Veronica.  2012. “Civic Inequalities? Immigrant Incorporation and Latina Mothers’ Participation in their Children’s Schools.  Sociological Perspectives. 55 (December):663-682.

2011.  “Schools for Democracy: Labor Union Participation and the School-Based Civic Engagement of Latino Immigrant Parents.”  American Sociological Review.


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